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AboutZero Fee Recruiter

Zero Fee Recruiter is a leading provider of cloud-based recruiting solutions that enable our clients to find, attract and hire the best talent possible.

Zero Fee Recruiter coined the term SAAMS (Software As A Managed Service). We believe this is a natural progression in providing the next evolution of HR / Recruiting solutions that are fully automated, feature rich and require Zero Integration for our clients.

We are passionate about keeping you ahead of the competition for top talent. Our team actually competes to find better ways that we can help make you and your team better recruiters, better managers and executives.

Zero Fee Recruiter is privately held, and base operations are located in Los Angeles, CA.


The ZFR Advantage

Digital, social and mobile technologies have forever altered the way companies need to interact with potential employees. Organizations need to engage with passive candidates in order to build relationships, share their brand and sell their vision instead of waiting for them to stumble upon the company’s job posting. We call it engagement recruiting.

In order to thrive and succeed in this world of accelerating change, modern recruiting professionals need a new generation of marketing software to help them cope with the sheer pace and complexity of engaging with candidates in real time across the web, email, social media, mobile devices and a variety of other channels. Recruiters / Hiring Managers need to interact seamlessly with these exact passive candidates they need and understand the analytic insights on how to allocate their budgets for maximum return.

ZFR has developed the industry’s leading passive candidate platform, the broadest ecosystem of candidates, and the deepest expertise to make this all possible.

The ZFR Values

We strive to embody these ideals in our interactions with each other and in everything we do, from product development and customer-first thinking to personal growth and our impact on the community.

  • Follow the Golden Rule

    As humans who share common needs, we treat each other with care and respect. We have faith in each other’s ability to succeed and cultivate that potential by inspiring and nurturing growth. We recognize and express sincere gratitude for each other’s contributions.

  • Stay Open and Honest

    We leverage our strengths and pursue growth in areas where improvement is needed. When we make mistakes, we are not afraid to admit it. We continuously pursue knowledge and are happy to share it with others.

  • Start With the Customer’s Needs

    Our actions are inspired by our deep understanding of our customers. We explore what is most meaningful to them and why and deliver what will help them best to achieve their goals.

  • Embrace Creativity

    We courageously strive for advancements in pursuit of opportunities to better our products. We think creatively about the future and outside the box to deliver innovation.

  • Use the Resources Available

    We take full advantage of the wealth of information, tools and expertise available to us to overcome and find solutions to problems with relentless resourcefulness.

  • Learn From Mistakes

    When we strive to innovate and think outside the box, we may fail. Failure gives us knowledge about ourselves, challenges us to face those obstacles, and learn from them to help us grow as a company.

  • Be Proud of the Work and Outcome

    We are committed to quickly delivering high-quality work. When there is something to be done, we take any action necessary to make it happen. When unforeseen issues hinder our ability to succeed, we go above and beyond to complete the task at hand.

  • By following these values and embracing them as a unified community of hard-working, passionate people, we’ve grown a reputation as a continuously innovative and trustworthy team in recruiting technology.