Zero Fee Recruiter | FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a Per Posting Job Cost for Sourcing?
    No. You will not incur any additional costs from posting jobs on Zero Fee Recruiter. We will source and reach out to candidates from Monster, Dice, CareerBuilder, LinkedIn and over 100 other global resources. It’s all included at no additional charge.
  2. What exactly are Passive Candidates?
    Passive candidates are people that are currently employed and have the necessary experience and qualifications that match your requirements, but are not necessarily looking for a new job. 85% of these candidates, while not looking are always interested in learning about new opportunities.
  3. What types of positions are most successful using ZFR?
    ZFR handles all positions from Web Developers, Business Development/Sales, Healthcare Professionals to CDL drivers and Hourly.
  4. Can we use Zero Fee Recruiter in any location?
    We have multi-national clients in over 40 countries and territories across the globe.
  5. What size companies use Zero Fee Recruiter?
    We work with companies of all sizes, from Start-Ups to Fortune 500 companies, and can scale to any size business. We can help organizations in all types of industries and have never met a company that we couldn’t help.
  6. What is an active job slot?
    Job slots are the maximum number of ads you can have posted simultaneously. There is No Limit on job postings per month. There is No Limit on the number of candidates you receive.
  7. We are in a very specific niche; do you have clients in my industry?
    With clients across all industries and disciplines it is more likely we have experience in delivering the type of candidates you need. We understand no two companies are alike and we will work with your team to understand your products and process.
  8. Do you provide a full Applicant Tracking System that we can use in addition to your candidate-sourcing platform?
    Yes, Zero Fee Recruiter provides you with everything you need, including a branded career site and complete candidate management from discovery to hire. Hiring managers are included and recruiters can easily share information back and forth, making hiring 10x faster.
    In fact, Zero Fee Recruiter is the only Complete Candidate Management System that sources Passive Candidates automatically and posts all of your positions to Google Jobs at no additional cost.
  9. Can you integrate with our Applicant Tracking System?
    Yes, we can seamlessly integrate with any major Recruiting Platform and ATS system on the market.
  10. How do I transition from other recruiting software to Zero Fee Recruiter?
    We will migrate all your data from your current ATS into Zero Fee Recruiter completely free. We have successfully migrated customers from all other major applicant tracking systems and we will work with you to ensure that the transition is as seamless as possible.