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ZFR Agreement

The following is an agreement for service between Zero Fee Recruiter and _________.


Zero Fee Recruiter to provide global sourcing, recruiting and candidate marketing software solution to reach the right passive talent.

Services / Costs

Up to 10 Job Slots at $790.00 per month - Billed Monthly.

_______ Job Slots, commencing on the date registered with Zero Fee Recruiter.


Payment is due upon receipt with the services to commence upon receipt of Job Order.

In addition, the terms and conditions on the website apply to this contract.


You agree to pay Zero Fee Recruiter for all costs for subscriptions purchased by you or on your behalf (the "Subscription Costs"). The term is for six months and subscription and costs are based on the number of Job Slots outlined in the above agreement. Subscription Costs are non-cancelable and non-refundable except as set forth in this Agreement.

The Service allows Subscribing Organization to set up Open Positions and related user identification info ("Jobs") and Email Addresses. The Subscribing Organization may have only as many Jobs activated at any one time for access to the Service as the number of Job Slots / Job Postings specified in the Subscription Order. The Subscribing Organization will have full ownership of all candidates delivered by Zero Fee Recruiter and may employ at their will. Once the initial fee is paid per Job Opening the Client does not have any further financial obligations to Zero Fee Recruiter for each candidate delivered.

Name Price Per Slot No of Slots Subtotal
Zero Fee Recruiter
10 Job Slots
$79.00 10 $790.00

Total $1,590.00


Date: 05-24-2019